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A Dangerous Arrangement

In a abandoned anchorage in Malta, a admirable adolescent woman tries to asphyxiate herself. Her name is Ellen, a night club agent who aloof canicule afore aggravating to end her activity was afloat through anniversary day uneventfully, spending best of her time at assignment and with her hard-partying admirer and lovable, yet amateur roommates. But back Ellen meets Amy and Carrie, aggregate changes...all of their lives circuit out of ascendancy acknowledgment to one drug-fuelled night of partying and Amateur(TM)s overdose. Unfortunately, for Ellen and her accompany Amateur(TM)s ancestor is as antagonistic as he is adoring and will stop at annihilation to accomplish them pay, including murder.

Release Year: 2015

Language: English

Added on: 2021-02-22 19:14:41

iMDB Rating 4.1

Runtime Duration: 1 hr 23 min

Genres: Thriller