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All I Want Is Christmas

Ira J. Finkelstein is bedeviled with Christmas. He's apparent every Christmas cine anytime fabricated and his dreams are abounding with reindeer, sleigh rides and SNOW. The problem? Ira's Jewish - and at 11 years old, Christmas is casual him by. Back Ira's hopes for a anniversary vacation in Aspen are dashed, he hatches a plan to assuredly get the Christmas of his dreams. Flying unaccompanied to appointment his grandparents in Florida, he swaps tickets with Mikey, addition 11-year-old on his way to Christmastown, WA . Ira gets added than he bargained for back he adventures his aboriginal "White Christmas".

Release Year: 2012

Language: English

Added on: 2021-02-22 19:14:41

iMDB Rating 5.6

Runtime Duration: 1 hr 30 min

Genres: Comedy / Family