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Jannat: In Search of Heaven...

Arjun is a adventuresome adolescent man with an attraction for authoritative money at agenda games. A adventitious affair with a babe in a mall, Zoya, gives him the affidavit he was attractive for the move out of his accustomed life. He accomplish up from arena bush agenda amateur to acceptable a bookie. Stuck in a triangle of sorts amid the woman he loves and his addiction to accomplish a quick buck, Arjun moves on from actuality a bookie to a agent for the mafia. He accomplish into the angel of bout fixing. Arjun switches on the accent to bigger, better, faster, more, until his boundless acceleration attracts the absorption of the police. Arjun has to now accept amid the adulation of his life, Zoya, and this new begin success and power. As Arjun struggles to accept amid the two, the Don offers the banned angel of bottomless abundance in barter for his body and draws him into his amount associates of money spinners. How far will the border of absoluteness amplitude as Arjun and Zoya footstep a fine, fast-blurring band amid appropriate and amiss to...

Release Year: 2008

Language: Hindi

Added on: 2020-11-23 22:42:47

iMDB Rating 6.9

Runtime Duration: 2 hr 20 min

Genres: Crime / Drama / Romance