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Battle in Seattle

In backward November 1999, masses are bottomward aloft Seattle for the World Trade Alignment (WTO) Conference, the aboriginal anytime captivated on American soil. Beyond the several delegates, career protesters are additionally advancing to Seattle, they who accept the non-elected alignment alone exists to abutment accumulated interests at the amount of the poor, alive chic and the ambiance amid added things. Before the conference, the advance accepted protesters vow that their demonstrations will be peaceful, while Seattle Mayor Jim Tobin promises that if that be the case that no arrests will be fabricated and no advancing action, such as the use of breach gas, will be issued. On day one of the conference, tensions on both abandon amplify the battle amid badge and protesters, with abounding innocent bodies bent in the crossfire. As such, what was promised ends up not accident during the butt of the conference, area abounding on both abandon assignment not for the greater acceptable of their side, but rather for their ...

Release Year: 2007

Language: English

Added on: 2020-11-24 20:32:13

iMDB Rating 6.7

Runtime Duration: 1 hr 39 min

Genres: Action / Drama / Thriller