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Hot Rods to Hell

While on a business cruise aloof afore Christmas, Tom Phillips gets into a car accident, which was acquired by the adventuresome active of the added car involved. Although Tom suffered no aeroembolism from his aback injury, he did appear out of the blow with a abiding aback botheration which after-effects in him not actuality able to abide with his accepted work, and a brainy block accepting annihilation to do with the accident, including Christmas music, active in accepted and the sounds of arrest tires and breaking glass. The Phillips - Tom, his wife Peg, and their two children, jailbait Tina and pre-teen Jamie - end up affective from their Boston home and affairs a cabin in Mayville in the California desert. Tom would be physically able to do the assignment appropriate active a motel, and the dry calefaction is acceptable for his back. But as they access Mayville, they appointment a agglomeration of adventuresome hot rodders called Duke, Ernie and Gloria. Since Tom scolds them about their adventuresome behavior, they adjudge to accomplish the Phillips' ...

Release Year: 1967

Language: English

Added on: 2020-12-04 23:08:33

iMDB Rating 5.3

Runtime Duration: 1 hr 39 min

Genres: Action / Drama / Thriller