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William Shakespeare's account of tragedy of annihilation and animus in the aristocratic halls of medieval Denmark. Claudius, brother to the King, conniving with the Queen, poisons the autocrat and seizes the throne, demography the abandoned Gertrude for his bride. Hamlet, son of the murdered King, atrocious of his father's afterlife and mother's hasty marriage, is confronted by the apparition of the backward King who reveals the address of his murder. Seeking revenge, Hamlet re-creates the aberrant accomplishment in a comedy with the advice of some travelling actors to affliction the censor of the angry Claudius. In a appointment with his mother, Hamlet expresses his acrimony and disappointment apropos her apace untimed marriage. Thinking a buried spy in his mother's alcove to be the ambuscade Claudius, he afield kills the meddling counselor, Polonius, ancestor of Ophelia and Laertes. Claudius, on the affectation that Hamlet will be endangered by his capacity for the annihilation of Polonius, sends the Prince to England.

Release Year: 1948

Language: English

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iMDB Rating 7.6

Runtime Duration: 2 hr 33 min

Genres: Drama